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Advanced Assessment and Interventions for Children and Adolescents With ADHD and Related Problems [audio]

NASP Practice Model Domains 1, 4
Credit(s): 3 Documented NASP- and APA-approved CPD Credits/Hours
Course Number: WS07
Original Program Date: February 22, 2011
Duration: 2 hours 59 minutes
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    With lectures and discussions, workshop participants will increase their understanding of how ADHD and executive function impairments are related and most effectively assessed at various grade levels. They will respond to case materials describing intervention strategies for students whose ADHD is complicated by high IQ; specific disorders of reading, math, or written expression; obsessive–compulsive disorder; anxiety; substance abuse; or Asperger’s disorder. They will consider alternative strategies for collaboration with difficult parents and students. They will identify effective ways to communicate with colleagues about adapting classroom strategies for students with ADHD and to provide useful information to prescribing physicians about students’ responses to medication.

    3 Documented NASP- and APA-approved CPD Credits/Hours   This session offers NASP-approved CPD.
    NASP maintains responsibility for the program.

    Thomas E. Brown, PhD

    Thomas E. Brown, PhD, Yale University, New Haven, CT

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    Powerpoint Slides (in note-taking format)73 Pages753 KB
    - Judith (Princeton, NJ)
    - Frideri (Newton, MA)
    I got a lot of good ideas for working with clients and parents - Kathleen (Cleveland, OH)
    - Julianne (Oakdale, NY)
    - Susanne (Washington, DC)
    Great examples of what different executive functions might 'look like'. - Lorraine (Cookeville, TN)
    Excellent information on assessment and diagnosis of ADHD. I would have liked more information on school-based interventions for ADHD, and more information on treating ADHD when there are significant comorbid disorders. - Kathleen (San Francisco, CA)
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